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This site is the ideal way for Musiques aux Vents to make their organisation known, and they would like all the people who are interested in a great musical experience to join them.

This site also aims at making the projects of the organization "musique aux vents" known.
If you want to discover the past experiences that brought musicians from the enlarged Europe to meet and play together, then visit the Ethno-workcamps section of this site.
Whether you are musicians looking for fellow partners, for cultural exchange or for places to play, or simply wanting to promote your folk music,
whether you are music lovers or concert producers, join our community.
And if you want to know more about folk music in the enlarged Europe, and about the instruments used by the musicians, then come and learn with us about it through various ways and means.
the organisation would like you to contact them through this site to create a network of folk music lovers.


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